Historical Sketch

  • School Library "Dunya" was established in 2001. School Library acts as a Center for information by providing books, multi-media materials and information technology.
  • Summer Course under OSI Azerbaijan "Automation: Library and Information Services" was held (2001).
  • Library software "Follett Library Automation Solutions" was applied (2002).
  • The library continues to expand its reach, serving a global community of users through a variety of digital initiatives and electronic collections. An online catalogue of the collections is made available in the Reading Halls and within any workstations from the University.
  • Access to EBSCO databases and agreement signed with different world online companies become available due to active participation of Khazar University in Azerbaijan Library consortium on December 2003.
  • LIC participated in Guttenberg Project, which aimed at digitizing Azerbaijan public domain literature in Latin Script together with National Library and Institute of Literature (2003).
  • MBA Library was established at the Downtown in 2004. Core collection mainly includes books on Economics, Business and Management.
  • LIC web page has been renewed (2004).
  • SABRE Foundation Books Presentation (2004) generated considerable media interest with the national press, reflecting the interest in such a large donation of much needed books. The donation from Sabre Foundation is one of the most valuable collections ever donated to Khazar University – over 13,490 books with a fair market value of over $419,580.
  • Library Automation System "Follett" was established in MBA Library and "Dunya" Children Library (2005).
  • LIC has been designed as an official depository library of the Asian Development Bank Azerbaijan Resident Mission (ADB AZRM) in 2005. As ADB's Depository at the Khazar University, LIC serves an increasing public interest in the activities of multilateral development institutions in Azerbaijan.
  • In 2005 LIC was involved in two projects:
    CALIMERA (Culture Applications Local Institutions Mediating Electronic Access) and eIFL's pOPen Access Program 2005.
    World Vision's Gift in Kind Program. Within this program LIC received more than 1,500 books f for children.

  • International Exchange Program was developed with the Library of Congress and UCLA.
  • Azerbaijan publisher databases in Import/Export format for machine-readable data for the 32nd and 33rd editions of the PIID (Publisher's International ISBN Directory) were created.