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LIC has been participating in various projects, the most important of which are:
  • The Center for Education and Information Studies (CEIS) of Khazar University was established as important outcome of the early stage of the partnership with graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles under USIS funding.

  • Guttenberg Project, which aims to digitizing Azerbaijan public domain literature in Latin script together with Akhundov National Libary and Institute of Literature under National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

  • CALIMERA Project  (Culture Applications Local Institutions Mediating Electronic Access.
  • UNESCO Translation Project, aimed to complete a bibliography of the translations in various editions (books, journal articles, conference papers, etc.) from Azeri into other languages and from other languages into Azeri.

  • LIC has been continuing some projects related to the library collection development, including a long-term work with international library foundations and programs, such as Journal Donation Program, Science Journal Distribution Program, Sabre Foundation, American Chemical Society, Islamic Foundation, Corporate Body of Buddha Education Foundation in Taiwan, Japan Foundation Library Support Program, International Book Project, World Vision's Gift in Kind Program and others.
  • School Management Training for Potential School Principials UNESCO UNİCEF